Ben performing a side kick for his
blue belt test.
Nicholas and Jamie executing perfect kicks
for their yellow belt test.

Aero Academy of Martial Arts
12610 Harris Street  |  Carleton, MI  48117
Located on the first floor inside Sherry's Academy of Dance

ph:  734.244.6687
Mark performs a figure 4 takedown, vertical wristlock, and side kick board break for his blue belt test.
For their Black Belt tests, Jeff, Samantha and Bethany demonstrated a wide variety of kicks, throws,
standing & ground submission techniques and defenses against punches, kicks & body grabs.  
Noah sparring and demonstrating some jumping kicks for his brown belt test.
Nicholas establishes a good side control
Jeff executes a shoulder throw during his
black belt test.
Jamie breaks a board with a front kick for
her yellow belt test.
Bethany performing the cross body
armbar for her brown belt test.
Anna is all smiles after being promoted to yellow belt.  Great job Anna.