What style do you teach?

    The primary style taught is HAPKIDO but students will also learn techniques from other
    martial arts such as Judo, Jujitsu and kickboxing.  Our curriculum is designed to develop
    a well-rounded martial artist that can perform in all areas of the martial arts such as
    striking, kicking, clinching, standing and ground grappling.

    Please refer to the curriculum tab for a more detailed explanation of what we teach.

Who is the Instructor and what are his credentials?

    George Popofski is the owner and instructor of the Aero Academy.  He has over 25
    years experience in the martial arts, primarily as a student and instructor of the art of
    Hapkido.  He has also trained in Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  All classes
    are taught by Mr. Popofski.  

    You should always ask if a qualified instructor is teaching classes.  Some schools may
    rely on other students to teach classes.  

How are classes run?

    Although a certain level of discipline is expected and enforced (especially for the
    children’s class), classes are run in relaxed manner.  We encourage students to ask
    questions and provide their input (at the appropriate times).  We do not run a “boot
    camp” type of class nor do we punish students with pushups or other forms of exercise
    but instead try to motivate students through the use of positive reinforcement.  

    Every martial art instructor has their own method of running a class and some can be
    very strict.  You should always view a few classes and see the instructor in action to see
    if their teaching style is right for you or your child.

How much are classes and how do I pay for classes?

    Please call for our current monthly rates.  Our prices are very reasonable and we offer
    discounts for additional family members.

    Your first payment is due at the school upon enrollment. Thereafter, tuition is billed on
    a monthly basis in advance and payments are made to our third party billing company
    (regular monthly payments are not collected at the school).  

    Payments can be made through an automatic monthly billing to either your
    checking/savings account or to your credit/debit card.  Using this automatic payment
    plan reduces our time spent on collecting and tracking payments so that we can focus
    on providing a quality learning experience for our students.

    Currently we offer 2 classes per week.  If your schedule does not allow you to commit
    to two classes per week or you can only train sporadically, we will work with you to
    come up with a reduced rate or a per class rate that is suitable for your needs.  

How do I cancel my membership?

    Your membership at the Aero Academy is on a month-to-month basis and you can
    cancel your membership at any time.  To cancel your membership, simply contact us
    15 days before your next monthly payment is due so that we can notify the billing
    company to stop payment before your next due date.  

    Many schools use contracts that obligate you to pay for 1 year or more, even if you
    decide you do not want to continue classes there.  If you are under a contract and stop
    paying, these other schools will send your account to a collection agency or otherwise
    try to collect the unpaid amount remaining on your contract.  We do not engage in
    these types of practices.  We want to earn your commitment, however we realize that
    everyone’s desire or ability to train may change so we offer an easy way to cancel your

Are there any testing fees?

    There are no testing or belt fees at the Aero Academy.  

    Other schools usually charge testing fees that can range from $25 to $75 for each
    promotion testing (which typically occur every 2 or 3 months) and can go into the
    hundreds of dollars for black belt promotions.  At the Aero Academy, students receive
    their promotion, new belt, and a certificate all at no additional charge.  This results in a
    significant cost savings for our students.

    You should always ask what are the testing fees, if any, before enrolling at any martial
    arts school.     

Do I have to go to tournaments or buy any equipment?

    We do not require students to participate in any tournaments or purchase any other
    equipment except for their uniform.  

    Some schools attend tournaments regularly (which may require fees to enter) and may
    require that you purchase special tournament uniforms.  Some schools also require
    their students to purchase sparring equipment, weapons or other training gear to be
    used in regular classes.

How do I get promoted?

    Students are eligible to test for promotion after reaching a minimum number of classes
    for each rank.  All testings (except for black belt) are done during regular class times.  
    Students are encouraged to bring family and friends to watch testings.  More specific
    testing information will be provided to the student upon enrollment.

Is this safe for me and/or my child?

    Our classroom atmosphere stresses respect for your training partner and not on who is
    toughest.  Safety and control is emphasized in everything we do and students are
    constantly reminded that they are responsible for their training partner's safety.  We
    have top quality mats designed for the type of training we do and spend a lot of time
    practicing breakfall techniques so students do not get hurt when practicing throws or
    other takedown techniques.

    Depending on the style of martial arts being taught, some schools practice on harder
    “puzzle” mats that are not designed for throwing or grappling techniques.  Some may
    even practice on carpeted or bare floors.  Make sure that the training floor is
    appropriate for the type of martial art being practiced.   

Will I and/or my child get appropriate attention from the instructor?

    Our small classroom size limits the number of students we can have in a class so you
    are assured that you or your child will receive one-on-one attention from the

    Before joining any martial art school you should ask what the instructor to student ratio
    is so that you are sure you will be receiving the proper attention and instruction you
    deserve (and are paying for) and that you won't be lost in a sea of students in a large
    training hall.

The following “frequently asked questions” will give you more information about
the Aero Academy and can be used as a checklist of questions you should ask
before joining any martial arts school

Aero Academy of Martial Arts
12610 Harris Street  |  Carleton, MI  48117
Located on the first floor inside Sherry's Academy of Dance

ph:  734.244.6687